John S. Davidson is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and published author.

John was inspired to create DWH because he believes thatanyone is capable of achieving their loftiest dreams – and by his strong desire to share his own life experiences and life lessons to help others (especially those who may think they are unworthy of success) to begin thinking in a more unlimited, abundant manner.

DWH centers around John’s personal commitment to make a measurable difference for as many people as possible and his advocacy for giving of his time, energy, prosperity, and heart.

John is taking his “can do” attitude and the belief that “With God all things are possible” to heart and is giving back in an altruistic way. Via the publication of his first book “Driven with Heart” as well as speaking to diverse audiences around the country, John’s story and message is being heard by thousands.

John is an inspiring speaker and motivating force–having given uplifting talks to fortune 1,000 businesses, healthcare conglomerates, sales and marketing organizations, high schools, universities, churches, and civic organizations. John is currently available for speaking engagements and motivational talks around his book, entrepreneurial spirit and “dream big” thinking.

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