“Driven with Heart” By John S. Davidson


Born into abject poverty to parents who were both legally blind, a father who struggled with alcohol, a mother who constantly battled mental illness, and he himself voted least likely to succeed, John Davidson developed a bad attitude about life early on. But instead of wallowing in self doubt and insecurity, he managed to create and enjoy a balanced life full of vitality, spirituality, and prosperity.

On the pages of this book you will see how John was driven by motivation, his personal constitution, the love for his family, and his commitment to excellence. There is an important life lesson on almost every page and his story is guaranteed to inspire.


“John Davidson shares a wonderfully-honest-biography of his life struggles. From an early childhood of hardships, to bankruptcy, and finally a successful business career, his journey lays out a blueprint anyone can follow; provided they have self-awareness, discipline and above all, HEART!”
  Craig Odanovich, Author/Businessman

“Driven with Heart is so much more than the run of the mill autobiography. I was inspired by the way in which the author overcame his obstacles and encouraged by the productive successful life journey that  followed. This book provides a map for all of us to do the same. The author bravely and unselfishly opens himself up with the kind of authenticity and vulnerability that is rare to find. This book will truly be an inspiration to all who read it.”
 Karen Hatfield Lee, IT Consultant/Businesswoman

“This inspiring book provides the reader insight into John Davidson the young boy, the young man and the adult and all steps in-between. The story is apropos for all genders, all ages and all geographic areas. There is no “I can’t” in John’s writing and the book should be mandatory reading in all grades, 9th through 16th (college). To put his lessons into practice the reader need only to apply focus, discipline, planning and foresight to achieve the desired goal(s) in life.”
 Mills Spangberg, Retired Aerospace Sales Engineer Go To My Site .

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