John had extraordinary challenges growing up, but was antioch mfa creative writing determine to become more and do more. So, he focused on reading and listening to tape programs of the great motivational gurus as well as successful business people. He  consistently affirmed their ideals and began to see incredible change take place in his own life. Now his desire is to pass along some of his lessons learned with the intent to inspire growth and success in the lives of others.

Davidson is a big advocate for developing a “personal constitution” that embodies a “life design” of your own choosing. He supports this ideal in his own life by taking a core set of principles and continuing to live by them in a balanced way – to keep moving, growing, learning, and never taking your “foot off the gas” when it comes to living life to the fullest!

Davidson is the Vice President/Principal of a successful software consulting company based in Austin, Texas—the place he also calls home. He is a proud father of 2 successful sons, and how to get freelance writing jobs two beautiful grandchildren. When not hard at work or writing, Davidson enjoys music (he does reside in the live music capital of the world, after all!), singing in the church choir, staying in optimal physical health, reading, and time with friends and family. Discover More .

According to the districts, the disparity between the do your homework richest and poorest districts is more than 25 percent when calculated by per-pupil revenues alone.