Driven with Heart (DWH) was started by John S. Davidson, with the primary goal of helping those who feel they are not good enough or worthy of having “more” to overcome writing letter to mayor mental road blocks, achieve financial independence, self-defined success, and life balance—as he himself has done!

John is taking his “can do” attitude and the belief that “with God all things are possible” to heart by giving back in an altruistic manner. With the help of this site and his first published book (also entitled “Driven with Heart,”) John is well on his way.

In “Driven with Heart” John shares his very own personal story of a dysfunctional childhood, life changing moments, and spiritual awakening—in hopes of inspiring others to learn from his experiences, to dream big, and achieve greatness!

DWH is motivated by the philanthropic desire to make a difference for as many people as possible, including John, himself. John is a big advocate for giving of his time, energy, writing and madness shoshana felman and prosperity to help others.

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